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kmokrzcyki 07-24-2006 10:26 AM

Zebra configuration problem ;(
I am trying to configure WiFi access point, my AP is connected with second NIC(eth0) to Linux box (Ubunty) first NIC is connected to company LAN. On my box I am running DHCP server for WiFi(eth0) network. I want to configure Linux box to enable access from wifi to internet via company LAN(eth1).
I tried different tutorials an examples and it never worked.
So i am having few questions bout basics of setting zebra.

1) Do I use right programs ?? If I am going wrong way than what is the right way??

2) Do I have to configure anything else than my Linux box ??

3) Is only one routing protocol enough to do that (e.g. RIP or OSPF)

Thanks for reply.

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