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crispyleif 05-05-2006 08:37 AM

Your 0.02$ please ?? :)
Thoughts / recommendations / hints welcome :

My current, network -


Because of a wish for bandwith control/info , the "need" for a transparent proxy and a web server separated from the internal LAN I'm going to set of a second server between the routers and the cable modem.

I've discovered several wonderful projects , but sadly they all have drawbacks as to what I'm looking for ;
Smoothwall / IPcop / Clarkconnect are great but not easy to set up with more software then what they have already been included in the ISO. Clarkconnect also charges for full functionality.
Engarde Secure Linux was great! until I realiced I had to pay for proxy functions. Trustix is a very good distro, but I can't get it running with djbdns (BIND is no option) , and their forum is sadly VERY quiet. Luckily, I know this one is not:)

I've decided to build this from scratch using iptables, djbdns, squid and apache2 running on Debian 3.1.

Now, I got the DNS, web and proxy part ready, but HOW can I tell my server to route between NICs ? Since I know little about this I looked at all the beforementioned first, I'm in the process off reading iptables howto etc now, if anyone want to chip in, you're mighty welcome to do so. If you feel I'm making a mistake at some point here, scream at me, I'm no expert..

Thanks in advance.

bulliver 05-05-2006 07:59 PM

If I understand you correctly, you just need to place the 2 LANs on 2 separate subnets and use the 'route' command to tell the kernel which router to send the packets to...

ie, assuming:
192.168.0.x --> eth1
192.168.1.x --> eth2


# route add -net netmask dev eth1
# route add -net netmask dev eth2

crispyleif 05-08-2006 05:20 PM

Will this also make it possible for computers on the subnets to talk to each other ? and to reach the internet behind the new server ?

Thanks for the reply , seems the route command might just be what I need

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