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Sherlwink 04-02-2002 01:12 AM

WWW browser
Friends, I have just instaled Linux 8.1 for the first time at work, and and trying to get Netscape or any of the other browsers to function. I can ping/ftp/telnet to external machines, so I know my card is working and I am being allowed onto the network at my work. The browsers just say 'connecting to........', and doesnt get any further. I guess something in the configuration needs some more info, but what and where? Any tips or if you need more info then give me a shout. Thanks.


Mik 04-02-2002 03:52 AM

When you ping/ftp/telnet do you do that using the ip number or the domain name? Does your company use a proxy which you should be using for web traffic? Or are you trying to use one that doesn't exit?
What happens if you run:
telnet 80

and then type the line:
GET / HTTP/1.0
(followed by an empty line)

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