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jensonluk 02-08-2002 01:52 AM

win98 access samba via linux ppp server problem
I setup a linux ppp server running redhat 7.1
I got a samba server running redhat 6.2
I have a win98 note book.

From my win98 pc, I can dial in the ppp server. I can ssh into the redhat server.

My goal is to be able to use network neighbour from my win98 ppp client to access files in the samba server.

ppp ip ppp ip

samba ppp ppp
server------LAN--------linux server-------------dialup------win98
lan ip lan ip

1/ my linux server has ipforwarding enabled.

2/ from my win98 pc, it can ping but not

3/ in my linux ppp server, my netstat -rn shows as follows

is it something wrong with my linux ppp server routing table setup?

any reference info , idea , tips to make it work is highly appreciated.

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