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Godsguitarist 10-17-2003 12:34 PM

What programs should I use for DHCP, firewall, and a gateway/router?
Hello! I am getting a lap top and plan to use that as my windows machine (although Linux shall be on it, too ;)) and so I'm also wanting to use my current main machine as a server of many sorts. Right now I've got cable and I'm using a D-link DI-604 router (of which I am going to keep for backup purposes for when my Linux endeavours fail ;)). I have decided to just start with configuring this machine to do DCHP to my home LAN and also act as a gateway/router so I don't tick my ISP off and to use as a firewall for when I get my website up, etc., etc. More or less, to replace the DI-604 to begin with, and then add mail, ftp and webservers. I have configured the mandrake wizards (I'm running 9.1, for what it's worth), but I would like to just go ahead and start with something I can take with me, per se, should I have to switch distros for whatever reason. So if you guys could offer some suggestions, that would be awesome. :) Thanks in advance!!

Brandon <><

ToniT 10-17-2003 01:05 PM


I personally use Debian for servers (and desktops) because its maintainability, easy security updates and good developer community. But ultimately distribution is mostly a question of habbit; use the one you feel convenient.

I use ISC's dhcp and bind, iptables for firewall and nat (scripts made by hand),
apache for web server and exim for MTA. Those are relatively painless to setup (well, depends on the perspective. YMMV) and well known software. Nothing prevents to use
something else; this is only a one case.

camelrider 10-17-2003 06:30 PM

For firewass/router I like Shorewall.
This is what Mandrake's setup is based on, but Shorewall from Tom's site is the Real Thing. Documentation and support are awesome!

This set of scripts are readily adaptable for everything from standalone system just browsing to complicated many-interface networks with vpn's, etc.

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