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pembo13 06-21-2004 12:37 AM

What makes an intranet an intranet?
Hello to all,

I'm coming to age where I will soon be having sem-serious projects to do, largely as practice. And I would just like to know what makes an intranet an intranet? And specifically what are the important factors that one shoudl pay attention to when building an intranet, and why intranets are so important.

I think it's fair to say I'm a power-user,programmer and general linuxer. So there is no need to over simplify anything.

Links and google expression would also be greatly appreicated

Thank you

Crito 06-21-2004 01:48 AM

Well, originally intranet referred to web servers that were for internal use only (not accessible to the outside world.) Nowadays the word is used more generally to describe any private TCP/IP based LAN. As opposed to the internet which is a public TCP/IP network and an extranet which is a private TCP/IP network which tunnels through a public network (aka a "virtual" private network.)

pembo13 06-21-2004 07:23 PM

Ok cool,

So what technologies are typically used in an intranet?

Crito 06-21-2004 08:20 PM

TCP/IP is really the only common denominator. I think in the beginning a lot of people, even the guy who coined the word "intranet", thought of the internet and world wide web as being synonymous. Even today when you hear people speaking of internet applications they're really talking about web apps. It's entirely possible to create an internet app that doesn't use a web server, like most messaging and P2P apps. Anyway, I googled some and found this page from "da man" himself that might clarify things a bit, or maybe confuse you further:

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