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kolchuga 02-29-2004 02:51 AM

what is the procedure for Minicom-Impulse Dial
I have just installed Linux mandrake 9.2 and this is a totally different OS for me, as I am used to windows variant of OS. I searched the Linux programs for modem and networking contol applications, and found MINICOM. So I Installed it, and I assume it is in my PC now.
my modem is being detected, because when I run setup wizard, the modem tries to Dial out. It it an old Diamond 56k external.
My question really has 2 parts, which I have yet to find an answer to here.
How do I set up Minicom? and how do I set it up for Pulse Dialing?
Here in East Europe we have heavy -duty impulse system, but it seems to provide fast Dialup due to Voltages and wiring configurations.

When I open a terminal, I type MINICOM ...and I get this...

minicom: there is no global configuration file /ect/minirc.dfl
Ask your sysadmin to create one (with minicom -s).

so then if I type 'minicom -s' I then get the same thing.

Ok, so this is probably a very basic queston. And probably laughable.
But keep in mind, I have had LINUX for only 4 days, and my abilities here are limited to changing screensavers, opening directories, and hard drake operations. on a good day I can open terminal directories and view help files.:confused:

Any body who has experience, or answers in this matter, advice here would be great..

kolchuga 03-02-2004 01:10 AM

well for what its worth, after 3 days of intensive research all over internet, I finally can get minicom to open in root, dial ISP, take password, but now is the IP address issue. where is documentation for these programs, and why is it so sparse?

kolchuga 03-05-2004 02:01 AM

Well, Even though I got no replies...This site was a lot of Help...and Linux is very cool program. after a lot of reading, and trying, and configurations, I came up with a solution...


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