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Thomino 02-21-2006 12:10 PM

What distro is best for installing USB ADSL modem
Im pretty new to linux..;) Im trying to find out which distro is the best for installing USB ADSL modem based on conexant chipset (Vigor DrayTek 318). I saw a oretty good tutorial for Mandriva 2006, but I need open source linux distro. I haven't found Mandriva for free. I also tried Slackware 10.2 but the hope has gone, when pppoe module wasn't found and also ppp-generic module after compiling kernel. Then I was unable to find that modules. Any help about this problem is appreciated. Thank you



P.S.: I like Slack the most, so any help with this distro is valuable

Darin 02-21-2006 04:33 PM

Is this the Mandriva that you couldn't find for free? Mandriva is open source, and like every other linux distribution, they all use the same underlying kernel which means they will all have more or less the same support for your ADSL device. This leaves the decision to your personal preference and/or a distro that has or is easy to add the tools you need such as PPPoE.

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