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thund3rstruck 12-12-2012 08:25 AM

What are these connections and why are they happening?
Hi all,

I started to notice a disturbing trend in the last few weeks. When I power on my Fedora workstation in the morning I've been noticing connections being made to remote servers which I have no idea what these connections are.

I've preferred Linux over windows specifically because I don't like all the chatter Windows machines make (even when idle) since I have no way of knowing what data is being passed to and from my machine.

Can anyone tell me why Fedora 17 might be making connections to the servers below after I login but before I have opened any connections to anything. I see these connections after I login while the machine is idle and I haven't started actually using the machine.

I'm particularly disturbed about the ftp connections. FTP isn't used for anything but transferring files and that makes me quite paranoid.


Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address          Foreign Address        State     
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:58308    ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:38648  fedora.mirrors.tds:http TIME_WAIT 
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:46673  ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:49605  dl02.fedoraproject:http TIME_WAIT 
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:38113 TIME_WAIT 
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:44056  mirror.CS.Princeton:ftp ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:33957  fedora.mirror.cons:http TIME_WAIT 
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:33796  ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:33117  mirror.itc.Virgini:http TIME_WAIT 
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:52504    TIME_WAIT 
tcp        0      0 LISAXPS410FEDORA:50175  TIME_WAIT

theNbomr 12-12-2012 08:40 AM

Most appear to be fedora update servers or mirrors thereof. You must have some update daemon running, that checks for software update availability &/or automatic updates.

--- rod.

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