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saini.manesh 12-19-2004 08:15 PM

weirdest network problem..please help or i will kill my self
hie every one
i have a very strage problem.... it all starts like this....
I installed fedora core 2, now just as soon as i started the setup the network card is detected and it asks as to if it is DHCP or static, well i am behind a router so i just went ahead and enterd my static address... that is

Default Gate Way
well DNS also

Now every thing goes fine the setup completes....
Now this can be confusing here... I have a green and red light on my network card on my laptop, while the sytem reboots the lights are on...viz they are blinking, now once the system boots, the lights no longer respond and the computer doesnt connet to the net. I try to restart the network and it still doesnt get the lights to blink, BUT when i activate the network it responds saying active...and says connected, but only the lo is active not eth0, I am gonna kill my self please help me i have cracked my head over it for the past 4 days, without sleeppp...Please please please help!!!!!


oulevon 12-20-2004 12:56 AM

What kind of router are you using? What is the ifconfig output? Can you ping the router with your machine? Most home routers use DHCP. Are you sure yours doesn't?

cidrolin 12-20-2004 03:03 AM

start by checking that your ethernet adapter works correctly. Laptops often have somewhat weird peripherals and standard drivers might not be suitable. I did have to fuss around to make the bm440 of my Acer laptop work properly under FC2, for instance.

That lo works is no wonder, since lo is the loopback pseudo-interface. Lo being up means that the IP stack (the kernel network components) is installed and operate normally.

Once you have made sure your ethernet card works with FC2 (or installed the proper driver if it doesn't), make sure the subnet mask is the same on your PC and on the router (typically with addresses in the 192.168.0 range).

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