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fincher69 09-21-2005 08:47 PM

want to ssh/ftp to home machine (Slack) from office through home router
Howdy. My home desktop is running Slackware 10.2 and is connected to my cable modem through a linksys router. I want to be able to ssh into my home machine from my office machine, but it doesn't seem to work at the moment. I glanced through my router settings, but nothing stood out that looked like it needed to be changed. I'm assuming my router is acting as a type of firewall, but I'm not exactly sure how to bypass it. Thanks for any help!

pnellesen 09-21-2005 10:24 PM

You'll need to login to your router and forward port 22 to your home machine's IP on your network - your router's documentation should explain how to do this.

I assume you already have SSHD configured properly on your machine? You can do "ssh localhost" and get in?

[edit] - Have you verified that your network admins at work allow outgoing port 22 traffic? I had this same problem, eventually set SSHD to listen on port 23, since work didn't block that.

fincher69 09-21-2005 10:55 PM

Awesome, got it working. Thanks! Poking around some more I found how to forward requests through my router to my pc. Thanks again for your help.

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