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totn 12-02-2010 09:32 AM

Want to log in to ubuntu 10.04 server from a client using grub2?
After establishing proper SSH connections and installing the graphical user interface (ubuntu desktop) on my server(currently ubuntu10.04 server edition), using the old grub from a machine running ubuntu 8.04, after booting linux on a dual boot client machine, I could then log in to the server by selecting Options (not present in grub2) --> Select Session --> Secure Remote Connection. In the textbox that appeared I could then enter the hostname and my password for the host. It would then connect me to my user space on the server with a full desktop. I cannot seem to do this with grub2. I know that I could downgrade grub and could then probably do it, but I don't want to use a version of grub that will ultimately become obsolete. Can someone tell me how to modify grub2 so that I can log in to the my user space with gdm active on the server from the login menu in the same way that I can select windows or another version of linux. I am frustrated as I seem to be the only person asking this question anywhere...

paulsm4 12-02-2010 01:05 PM

Hi -

Rest assured - none of this has anything to do with "grub" or "grub2". So don't worry about that part of it :)

It sounds like the whole problem is that you were able to do a secure remote login in Ubuntu 8.04, and you're no longer able to do it in Ubuntu 10.x. Correct?

If so, just focus on getting "remote login" working. It SHOULD be relatively straightforward. Here's a good place to start:

Remote Access to the Ubuntu 10.x Desktop

totn 12-14-2010 11:02 AM

Reply to Paulsm4
Thank-you Paul. It is so easy once something works to ignore it after that. Hence once I was able to log in to the server at startup in version 8.04, I never worried beyond that. After reading the link you provided, I tried the VNC connection, and can't say I loved it, so I went back to exploring SSH further. What I now do is from the local box, simply open a terminal and use ssh -X <servername> and log in using my password. Once I have the command line with the -X option of SSH which allows me to run graphically based applications, then I type the name of the application, nautilus for example, on the command line, to access my gui on the server. This means, I can now work on the command line and gui in the server, and have the local desktop totally available at the same time. The best of all worlds. Still a couple of glitches. For example when I open Firefox on the server, I only get the History for the local machine. I am thinking though, that I should be able to write specific scripts now for many gui based activities that I do on the server which should save even more time. I have included the above explanation in hopes that someone else out there is like me, even though I know the rest of you are shaking your heads saying "How obvious"

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