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alemao 01-29-2007 06:34 AM

vpn server with dynamic ip withought using dyndns or similar services
Hi again!

Let me refrase.
I want to be able to access my office windows clients remotely. There is a cisco router at the office wich handles the dsl connection to the internet. There is also a slack box that i want to run a vpn server on, and there are the windows boxes as well. I want the vpn server to bypass the router and be visible from the internet but i have no registered domain name at the office. The dsl connection uses dynamic ip. Can my slack box (vpn server)be visible from the internet and how? I dont want to use Dyndns or any similar services. Is this possible?

thanx in advance!

JimBass 01-30-2007 04:28 PM

Answer: Not really*
Question: Why?

If the slack box is directly connected to the net, any problems your machine has are going to be found by bots. They don't say, "oh look, here's, lets try it out." They just scan and scan. I fully support dyndns for dynamic addresses.

You can patch together something else, but it gets UGLY. You could create your own dynamic dns server, which isn't a big problem, but does involve a fair amount of work.

Easiest of all, if you own an existing domain name, just add a subdomain to it, and update it dynamically. if for example you owned, you could create the subdomain, and update it with a cron job from the server at the place without a domain name.

Still anyway you slice it, it is a large amount of work with little to no reward. I'd download the dyndns client and be done with it.


alemao 02-05-2007 07:50 AM

Thanx for your time JimBass. I have a question. I have a registered domain name. Can i set up a vpn server with dynamic ip withought using dyndns or similar services? And if the answer is yes what do i have to do? Use bind or something like that? I am not a very experienced linux user so if u reply please give me some detais.

Thanx in advance

JimBass 02-05-2007 08:19 AM

I already answered that man. You can't connect to something that has a changing IP address without some type of dyndns service. Owning your own domain name really has nothing to do with it. You could create a subdomain to your domain, like, but it still has to be updated dynamically. And that requires 2 servers, the one at the office, and another to record what it's dynamic IP is. The other option, writing your own dyndns client will still require 2 boxes, as you'll always need a static address to log the dynamic address to.

You've asked twice what was answered before, and didn't answer my question. Why are you trying to avoid dyndns? Having a domain name to reach your machine doesn't give you any more or less security. Once a box is on the internet, it is scanned by many different bots, and they don't care if you have a domain name or not, they function by IP address alone.


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