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ideasman 05-19-2010 03:27 AM

VNC GLX Support?
Hi, I have a number of nodes on a renderfarm which have no graphics cards running debian.

This works really nice BUT I want to do some openGL rendering for fast feedback for artists.

This can work because because its using Mesa, software OpenGL.
For instance I was able to start the application one one node and display on my local workstation, so all the libraries link and load etc.
(yes software OpenGL rendering is way faster then our offline engine :) )

I had the idea to run VNC server's on all systems which could be used to start an OpenGL application and have it render frames using Mesa.

BUT, VNC does not support GLX, glXChooseVisual() - command, I get this error.

blender/intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowX11.cpp:209: X11 glXChooseVisual() failed, verify working openGL system!

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