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|Drakehash| 07-17-2003 03:02 PM

Virtual Host

I am trying to make some Virtual host i pay with my computer here in Venezuela+IRCservers.

I have some static ips (5 ips) but they donīt have any domain.

Thats why i buy some weird and cool names to be my domain.

The problem i have is when i try to nslookup the ip, it say the is no hostname and domain for the ip.

but when i nslookup the Hostname.domain i pay it show me the ip.

The problem i have is when i connect to irc servers, they lookup (i think) my ip, but it say "no found hostname" and it use the ip.

I have 1 bnc server in one of those ips and i want use the dns+mangling from the irc server (you know it add or delete some pat of the host or domain for security).

I have linux redhat 8.1 and my DNS server is a local one and i donīt have access to this server (no way to talk with the admin, they are always working).

what i can do?

any help please, i want use my virtual hosts with my bnc (the bnc have a internal option to add a virtual host but still it no work).

all the five ip are in 1 machine.
i use this command to add the ips:

# ifconfig eth0:0 <ip addr> netmask <mask> broadcast <bcast>
# ifconfig eth0:1 <ip addr> netmask <mask> broadcast <bcast>


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