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dariolinux 12-09-2010 06:05 AM

Using two ADSL USB modems at the same time
Hi floks, I have an apparently stupid question but I was not able to find an answer:

Q: How can I use at the same time two ADSL USB modems with pppd and plugin?

I have the following scenario:

- Two ADSL USB modem correctly recognized by Linux.
- pppd configured with two different files, one for each ADSL (even if the two ADSL have the same parameters). Those files are /etc/ppp/peers/adsl1 and /etc/ppp/peers/adsl2

If I attach only one modem and then launch "pppd debug call adsl1" or "pppd debug call adsl2" everything works fine.

If instead I attach both modem in order to have two ppp interfaces, ppp0 and ppp1 I get the following behaviour:

- When launching "pppd debug call adsl1" the first modem connects correctly.

- When launching "pppd debug call adsl2" I get:

connect(8.35): Address already in use

That's because either adsl1 and adsl2 are trying to use the same modem.

So the question more specific question is: How can I specify which USB modem to use in pppoa ADSL connections?

With dialup modem it is possible to specify /dev/ttySx in peers files, but what about ADSL USB modems?


jefro 12-09-2010 07:56 PM

I suspect that you need an ISP that allows two connections.

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