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Rex_chaos 03-22-2002 12:44 AM

User privilege on NFS directory
Hello all,
I am sharing a directory(says mydir),which is owned by user1 and not allowed other users' access, with NFS. The client side have the same user (user1) and the same password. How can I prevent the other users (except for user1) from accessing the share(mount) directory? That is, I want user1 on the client side to be the only one user who can mount that share directory.

Any idea?

siddiqu 03-22-2002 03:14 AM


it wil happen like that. or u can mount with -u option


Sixpax 03-22-2002 11:54 AM

Wait a sec... are you using samba/shares or nfs/exports? I'm confused.

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