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penyuan 02-09-2013 09:18 AM

Use tsocks with transmission-cli?

I've set up SSH tunneling on my machine with the command:

ssh [username]@[myproxyserver] -D 8080 -N

And I tested it by browsing to with (I configured tsocks to use the SSH tunnel):

tsocks lynx

Which showed that I was indeed browsing through the SSH tunnel.

I tried to test my Transmission torrent client through the tunnel via the test file:

tsocks transmission-cli CheckMyTorrentIP.torrent

However, while Transmission appears to start, I get an error saying:

connect: Transport endpoint is not connected
And the page does not detect my BitTorrent client.

My question is if anyone has experience SSH tunneling the Transmission BitTorrent client with tsocks, and if it is possible, how should I do it?


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