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Harry Hamlin 12-16-2005 04:55 AM

Unable to connect SUSE 10 machine to windows network
I have a new Linux (SUSE 10.0) machine that I am trying to connect peer to peer to two XP machines, via ethernet. The XP machines can see each other but the Linux is isolated.
They are, 2, 3 (linux). YAST indicates everything is working but no go. EVERY bit of documentation I can find is oriented towards setting up the Linux as a server, which I do NOT want to do. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

fouldsy 12-16-2005 01:47 PM

What are you connecting your machines through - a hub/switch? Also, are you sure that the network settings are configured correctly, including the card itself? Can you physically ping the other machines on the network? If so, then what resources are you trying to access on the Windowsm machines - printers/network shares? If so, you will need to install the Samba client packages on the SuSE machine so that it understands the communication methods and filesystems being used on the Windows computers.

linuxamateur-two-too 12-17-2005 01:33 AM

Samba v3 does not like peer to peer. You need a nameserver, even with only two computers. But it can be solved without, with the help of Lisa. But she seems forgotten. there are some problems installing her (If you have a spare emailadress that you can throw away, I could send the instructions for Suse on.)

But first try to open Konqueror (this only works with konqueror)
In the URL-adress write smb:// (and click enter),and you should get the login for that computer.

If this works you can rightclick in the workspace, klick make new -- link to adress URL for both your XP-machines, Drag and drop the icons to a suitable folder, and you have simple networkbrowser (you can give it the beutiful samba-icon), and Lisa is not needed.

For a simple server on the linuxmachine:
In Yast: make a new user, call him e.g. share_a

As root
( copy /etc/samba/smb.conf to /etc/samba/smb.conf-original )

open /etc/samba/smb.conf with e.g. kwrite, and make the following configuration

workgroup = (whatever you use)
netbiosname = (whatever you use)
security = share
# (with security=user, it's difficult to make it simple)
auth methods = guest
#smb ports = 139 may be needed, but its better without
#wins support = yes may be needed for networkprinting

comment = the user share_a
path = /home/share_a
#or any path, e.g. "path = /home"
read only = no
guest OK = yes
hosts allow =
#only möderate security, but could do if you have control over LAN-cables.

BEWARE: yast or swat might make unsolicited changes e.g "security = user".
you need "security=user" if you want all sambas possibilities
but you also need plenty of time to find out howto

P.S. Standard-Pinging in Linux is ,in the terminal-window, e.g.
ping -c4 # (without -c4 it will ping forever.)

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