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miszum 08-04-2011 12:34 PM

UEFI PXE server elilo.conf configuration
I am trying to setup a UEFI PXE server on SLES11. I need to be able to have multiple images in the elilo.conf file. But I am not getting the right syntax to be able to do that. How can I have a menu displayed during boot for the elilo.conf file? If someone would provide the whole syntax for multiple images that would show a menu that would be great. Thanks in advance. I am using the following which is not working.




jefro 08-04-2011 07:35 PM

Shows how to start a menu.

Pretty sure it is like any pxe menu.c32 file in construction.

miszum 08-05-2011 11:31 AM

Thanks for the reply. But this one works only for BIOS PXE. For UEFI PXE the bootloader elilo.efi reguires a config file named elilo.conf. I have tried the pxelinux.cfg and then menu.c32. But the elilo.efi does not work with those except for elilo.conf. And I could not find any syntax for elilo.conf that would show a menu. It just loads one image directly even if I have multiple entries in there without showing a menu.Any help would be appreciated.

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