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sanketmlad 06-03-2011 02:33 AM

TV tuner card Happage debian driver
Hi All,
Can anybody tell me, where I can get driver Hauppage's TV tuner card.


rizzy 06-03-2011 04:51 AM

you don't say much about your system,tv-card model, distro, tv player to be able to help you. Some info that might be usefull:

NB: This thread needs moving to hardware as its nothing to do with networking.

sanketmlad 06-03-2011 05:17 AM

I tried that, but git is not working properly...
here is following we tried...

may be we have proxy, which is not allowing

but i gave http_proxy command and wget works for other links but not git...


frieza 06-03-2011 02:36 PM

Hauppage is just a brand of tv card, however they don't make the actual chipset that the tuner uses, i have an old Hauppage tv card and the chipset is a Brooktree Bt878 chip.
show us the output of lspci
(open a terminal, type lspci > pcidevices.txt, open pcidevices.txt in your favorite text editor and past the comments in code tags)

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