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R03L 02-04-2010 05:11 AM

trouble with hosts.deny
Yesterday everything went fine.
i was playing some whit webmin/usermin and squirrelmail and want to set this to fetchmail (still dont now if this is going to work)

but today??

when i go to one of my apache aliases set.

i end up whit my desktop
inside hosts.deny file every time..

i now a DENY can also set inside hosts.allow

so how do i get rid of this hosts.deny file.

i did remove the file. but hosts.deny ending up denying my desktop again
and my hosts.allow file perfectly stays on remove

also when i put my inside hosts.allow i end up inside hosts.deny perfectly deny'ing ME.

webpage saing NOT-ALLOWED.

its a fileserver whit webinterfaces as sabnzb, torrentflux

so it can deny every outside ip adresses only when is set hosts.allow to allow one ip.
but they also end up inside hosts.deny

i only want to use hosts.allow to deny a host? manualy inside webmin or nano can this be done?

Also when i put ALLOW in stead of DENY inside the hosts.deny file
i end up whit a seccond rule
and deny'ing myself?

its UBUNTU Server Edition 9.10
Linux server 2.6.31-17-server #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 18:06:56 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux
i already did remove TCPD and all the PYTHON-TCPWRAP utilities
hosts.deny still is coming back?
so like i said its a fileserver for the internal network.
whit download capability's throug webinterfaces

can anyone help me whit thisone

MS3FGX 02-04-2010 06:42 AM

Obviously something on your machine keeps updating the hosts.deny file, so deleting it or changing it isn't going to help. You need to figure out what software is doing this, and fix it.

R03L 02-04-2010 01:27 PM

so i heard hosts.deny is overruling hosts.allow? :|

when i put my desktop inside hosts.allow that should overrule hosts.deny's entry to i understand but it doesn't?

and i hear this is normal!

i already solved this thing. by removing Bastille Linux.

why should i use bastile for an internal network server! iptables does it perfectly.

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