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DocKane 08-24-2001 05:31 AM

Traffic Shaping ??
Hi !

I have got a Linuxrouter adapted from the LRP (LinuxRouterProject, !

This router was setup by a friend of mine (Debian with
Samba,ftp, firewallrules, ftp server and so on).
Plz be patient wth my small linux knowledge. *hr*

I usually make ftp accounts with an adduser script that
creates a directory which is restricted to its ftpuser.

My problem now is that a connected ftpuser uses my
whole upstream (16 kb) and that my own downloads lag
out. I guess thats because there is no more bandwidth
to respond enough packets to hold up the download speed
at topspeed.

I heared about Traffic Shaping and looked up a few sites
over a search at but its really strange for me
to understand these theoretic texts.

Sorry for my poor english and thnx for any reply ;)


jharris 08-24-2001 06:33 AM

You might want to read the Advanced Routing HOWTO as this coveres band width limiting IIRC. To get it working you'll need to be running a 2.4 kernel BTW...



DocKane 08-24-2001 09:32 AM


well, thats it ....

i found this howto also with google but while i checked
the topics i knew it would be getting hard too manage
the simple traffic shaping on port 21 because of the different
cases : on the one hand the upstream has to bee restricted
on that port and on the other hand it has to be unrestricted
for the downloads !

how can i distinguish betwenn these cases ?

do you know how much data a ftp download at 40-60 kb
needs from the upstream to response a proper arrival of
the incoming packets ??

maybe this whole shaping thing won´t help because 16 kb
is just too less (arrrrgh dsl in germany realy sux with this upstream).....

Linux is like studing computer science


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