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hcgrant 08-05-2010 07:34 AM

Tools to measure Internet speed
Is there some software to measure Internet speed and show where the slowest element is?

I use OpenSuse 11.1 and KDE although Im happy to set up a user using Gnome.

Just recently my browsing speed dropped to almost nothing ...I used to measure my speed and it gave a very slow result 30kb/sec ....usually its around 3000kb/sec. I rang my ISP's helpdesk and they told me my ADSL connection was fine. Two minutes later it was back to normal! Hmmmmm
I know the internet speed varies from time to time ...I guess depending on how many are using it and for what. But..
I suspect that my ISP was restricting my speed and Im looking for a tool that will tell me which part of the internet is the "slowest"

I would also welcome pointers to information about internet speed and what causes it to change.

Ive looked at other posts here ..they recommend mrtg and gkrellm. I cant see how they would do what I want..which is to try to locate the "constriction".
Thanks for any help

ronlau9 08-05-2010 08:37 AM

What kind of adsl are you using adsl or adsl2 or vdsl ?
Using the telephone line ?
If so where is you're splitter and modem located .
What did they promise you a possible maximum speed ?
Or a minimum speed ?
Yes download speed depends on the server from where you are downloading .
Sometimes it helps to give you the speed back by resetting you're modem claims that they also can determine the quality of you're connection.

hcgrant 08-05-2010 10:05 AM

Hi Ron thanks for the reply
answers are..
adsl2/2 down my phone line
I connect via a DrayTek Vigor2800 series to my ISP This is a combined ADSL modem Wireless router and switch. My personal computer is wired to the switch.
The ISP quotes "Up to 8000kb/sec" Im within 1/2 a km of the telephone exchange as the crow files .Im in the UK btw.
Ill try ..this gives me the same sort of result ...approx 3400kb.sec

ronlau9 08-05-2010 01:20 PM

But also has a pingtest it gives a indication how good the connection is .
I am on the telephone line too .
As they advice me I put the Splitter directly there where the telephone line comes into my house .
From that point it splits the line in a standard telephone line and the line for the modem router .
From the modem router with is placed directly by the Splitter goes HUB line to my LAN .
If I do it different it can cost me speed that is what they told me .
I lives 2 km from the telephone exchange and get 6.83 Mb/s
My provider said max I can get 8 Mb/s it is ads2 too
I get it as Do IT You're Self package
I live in Netherlands BTW

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