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th3_d0c 08-25-2004 08:30 PM

This tougher question..
Ok, SO my school, has an IP address of
And my IP at is 192.149.2**. Now I thought 192.x.x.x is a Class C and it is a private IP?
Would it be possible to serve a website of it some how? I have tried a different port, and I am using or whatever it is
i am

I have checked the site, and updated my IP, although it gets the 192....

Any ideas?

NetAX 08-25-2004 10:24 PM

That is kind of a tough question, I'll try to help though. I dont rember the exact range of the private IP addresses for a class C network 192.x.x.x, but i can tell you if your trying to set up a public website accessibly to anyone outside of the school network it will be kind of hard.

In order for people to access your website you must have a WAN IP address that is routable e.g. Your school most likely has a WAN IP address or several. If you can find out what that is must have it forwarded to your computer. I dont know if that is possible at your school. Its a tough call, I think most schools wouldnt allow this. If you didnt have any type of authority to go through then this would be easy.

The only other option is to find out if your school runs a public web server that they operate. You wont be able to serve up pages from your computer, but you may be able to using their web server.

btmiller 08-25-2004 10:54 PM

AFAIK only 192.168. is a private network -- the rest of the 192 range is public. You should be able to host a public server just fine, so long as you're not violating any of your school's network usage policies.

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