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coot_jg 06-04-2007 03:04 PM

Terminal workstation setup; nomenclature.
Newbie trying to set up a RHE5 workstation to do direct ftp to and from an HP/ux NIC card.

My goal is to connect the HP/ux server network card (the one that normally plugs into the router) thru a crossover cable to the NIC of an Intel PC running RHE5. The purpose is to run FTP's to transfer data to the Intel box to burn DVD's, as the HP/ux box uses DDS tape backup without CD or DVD write capability.

Is there a special name for this network configuration, that I can google instructions on? (To RTFM, I need to be able to find TFM first). Is there a specific writeup on how to configure the linux box to be able to access the HP thru such a NIC-to-NIC link?. Is there a putty-type terminal emulator I should be using, that makes it all painless?

Is there a better mousetra - er, solution, that I should be looking into?

Thanx in advance;


MS3FGX 06-04-2007 05:26 PM

That's not really a special configuration. You simply need to connect the two machines to each other with a cross-over Ethernet cable, give them both appropriate static IPs, and then transfer the files between them with whatever protocol works best.

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