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pbaxter 07-11-2006 02:20 PM

tcp listening port help
hey Iím new to networking, and recently I installed azureus. it asks me to test a port for incoming peer connection, I have tried numerous port numbers and I am continually get a Nat error, I run Norton 2006 and also have an alpha shield.
I have two questions 1. is it necessary to have a tcp listening port to run this program? And 2. if so how do I go about opening a port?

0xception 07-11-2006 03:17 PM

fist are you behind a router? if your behind a router w/ a firewall you will need to punch holes throught the firewlal (including any sofware firewalls you may be runnint on your pc) for the ports you wish to use...

pbaxter 07-11-2006 03:28 PM

i'm not sure if i have a router is there any way to to check, i do have cable inernet with a motorola SB5101 surfboard cable modem

0xception 07-11-2006 03:33 PM

well first post your IP/Gateway/Subnet/DNS ... if they are something like 192.168.x.x then chance are that the gateway ip is your router/gateway ... if you go into your browswer and type in that gateway IP it should bring up a web interface (for most commercial products it does) else you may have to telnet into it...

If however you have an IP like 12.48.x.x or something other then a local lan IP then you are directly connected to the modem and it is bridged over... at which case you need to know if your connection is a DSL (ie PPPOE/A) connection or static or DHCP from your ISP

pbaxter 07-11-2006 03:38 PM


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