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jse580 02-26-2004 12:11 PM

symlinking smbfs across a wan
I have come across an interesting situation which I am looking for a solution to.

The home office has an image storage directory which contains 3 subdirectories. There is no data in the root of this image directory.

The remote office has an image storage directory with no subdirectories. All data is stored in the root of the directory.

I would like to mount the 3 subdirectories of the home office within the root directory of the remote office.

I configured autofs to mount the home office root directory as an SMBFS file sytem to the remote office /mnt directory. This seemed to work alright. I was able to access the mount via a samba share. I then created symlinks in the remote office root directory to the mounted subdirectories of the home office. I cannot get these symlinks to work.

I have the following lines added to my SMB.conf

follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes

Is what I'm trying to do possible?

Is there an easier solution that I'm overlooking?

Both machines are RH8.0 2.4.18-14
Samba 2.2.5

Any help is greatly appreciated,


bdp 02-27-2004 02:21 AM

i've traced so many probs back to autofs i refuse to use it for anything. does it work by:
*changing autofs to soft nfs mount, specify soft, intr in fstab
* use mount -bind instead of symlinks?

dunno otherwise, mounts follow symlinks using samba over WAN for us.

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