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850NA 09-01-2003 10:11 PM

Switching nfs from udp to tcp
I've finally set up my nfs to run on the network like it's supposed to, however it's only transferring files at about 5mbps. I'm running Red Hat 8.0 on my amd 1ghz and connecting to it through a router with my mac running os 10.2.6. My mac and the router are set to 100mbps with full duplex. I'm not sure of the speed that the linux box is set to (is there a way to set this speed?), but it does have a 10/100 NIC. From reading some of the other posts it seems that if I were to switch modes from udp to tcp, my transfer rate would increase. First, I used the network analyzer in GNOME to verify that I was using udp almost exclusively. Then, I tried switching the protocols by using iptables. The actual code that I used (as I deciphered it from man iptables) was:
iptables -t nat -A [chain] -p tcp
iptables -A [chain] -p tcp
After i had done that (and restarted the computer), I went back to Network Analyzer and it was still using udp the majority of the time. Is there some other way of switching from udp to tcp or increasing the speed in some other way?

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