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svetoslav 09-27-2006 05:15 PM

SuSe 9.3 2 network cards networking with Windows XP
Hi everyone,
Well I have a Windows XP (2 network cards - one for the i-net - shared, the other one for the network - connected to a switch, i have several connected computers on the switch, the other are working just fine just the SuSe is giving up) machine and one with SuSe 9.3 ! The network was just fine, Samba-s working perfectly, I have a share the internet connection from the XP.. (both network cards are with static IP's), untile one day, when I diceded to put a seconde net. card! When I did that, first the i-net connection desapeared from the SuSe, but i still have a connection between the two of them, I configured the new network, card, gave her a different static IP (the first one IP: and the new one IP: on the XP - this is the internal network), but i still have just network connection, so I rebooted the machine, and when I entered again, I did'nt have a network connection (but i have a ping between the two computers, i pinged the two cards - the new one and the old, I had a ping), but I have an internet connection. I restarted the Samba Server, nothing happend, chaned the ruls again, again nothing.. when i search for the linux machine in XP on the both address-s it does'nt gave me anything! The interesting is that, when i creat a share folder on the XP and on the SuSe in Conquerer i typed: smb:// it accessed it!!
The other incredible thing was, whe i disconected the new Network Card, the ping between the computeres stoped !! on the both address!! I try it with both and both gave the sam result, the network compleatly desapeard, as there is no cable connected, despite there is one connected!! So any one can help me deal with this problem ?
I want to make the connection between the two computers, so i can use some files from the SuSe by the XP, and have the Internet Connection working on the SuSe.
Thanks a lot instead !! :)
Have a nice day.

Svetoslav Dragoev

kre8wealth 10-03-2006 09:37 AM

Same here
I have two network cards and am connected to the i net with suse 9.2 with no problems have other network card running throught a stack connected to my xp machine which the wife uses I can not even see the xp computer on the network have not configered samba in any way and have been reading for hrs to find out a basic anwser:cry: all I won't to do is network to xp so my wife can stay of my computer:rolleyes: and she can get i net access from hers:newbie: if anyone can give some help it would be great if not i will keep on working to sort it out

p.s can do this no problem with xp but hate it spend most of my time cleaning up all the xxxxx you get surfing

Go Linux
:Pengy: :D

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