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HandyAndy0 09-24-2003 10:14 PM

SuSE 8.2 WHOA!! Networking is Bugged!!
After years of RedHat Today I bought SuSE 8.2. Graphically I love it.

During the install I put in the standard info for my network



Would not configure the DHCP. (Won't allow IP to assign.)

For some reason KDE control center seems to suck ass.

It will not configure DHCP seperatly for my Dual ethernet cards. It tries to configure Both from the closest DHCP server.

The one I need to access the network and internet is the other.

So I disconnected 1 cable and unconfigured the second Ethernet card.

When I go through control center and configure the MAIN ethernet card for DHCP. NOW it gets the correct IP address and DNS server but when I hit next it kicks me right back to the first screen and releases the IP address.

HELP!!!! I can't even run Online update to load a patch to fix it if there is one.

Anyone have any ideas?

thx in advance.

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