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indaryon 04-26-2006 09:57 AM

SUSE 10 Linksys WRT54G reset issues
Okay, I recently installed SUSE 10 on my new P4 and during installation my internet was interpreted fine by the installer and later the operating system. No additional configuration was ever needed.

Yesterday, I successfully installed my distro's apache2 package and got things running.. but then I realized I had to set up DynDNS. So I go to the Linksys Online Configuration and realize that -oops- I forgot my password. So after digging through google I found that by holding reset for 30 seconds you can reset the configuaration un/password to *blank*/admin. It works!

However, once I get in, I realize that my internet no longer works. After rebooting several times, I realize that the wrong IP range for DHCP has been entered (due to the reset), and that is likely why my IP is not resolving(!). So after checking the local address in my startup log, I tried resetting my IP range in DHCP setup to the correct(?) range, but I recieve an error (screen says "close" instead of "saved settings") and the page for configuration won't even reload.

I know I haven't given a lot of specific information here, but I would really love to get my internet working again, so if there are any other commands or programs I need to run (i.e. IPCONFIG) or any other information anyone needs (i.e from YAST2 Networking setups), I'll get it for you.

Help! I am very much new to linux, but I have proficient understanding of networking and the command line, and still have no idea what to do! Any help = muchos appreciation puntos.

BTW, Config: Wall -> Cox Coaxial -> Motorola Cable Modem (model To Be Announced) -> Linksys WRT54G -> eth0 (Intel 915G series mobo onboard LAN 10/100)

pljvaldez 04-26-2006 12:59 PM

Did you try releasing your eth0 address and then reacquiring? Or is the router the one that's supposed to release the IP... Hmmm. Don't remember. I have the same setup as you at home. The only thing different is that I installed a third party firmware (Sveasoft Alchemy) to increase my router's capabilities.

Oh, the other "duh" thing I did before was that I changed the subnet I was using to assign addresses (i.e. my dhcp range was like 192.168.99.XXX) so when the settings are saved, the router is on now on a different subnet than the computer. That might be why the page doesn't reload and it looks like an error.

I had to do like above, release the IP address and then reacquire a new one on the new subnet. I think my linux box uses dhclient to do this...

indaryon 04-26-2006 04:22 PM


I changed the subnet I was using to assign addresses (i.e. my dhcp range was like 192.168.99.XXX) so when the settings are saved, the router is on now on a different subnet than the computer.
This looks like my problem! It seems that even though my localhost ( works (i.e. my internet is on).. the DHCP IP range is way out of whack. (I am assuming that this range is the "subnet") Now what I have to do (and I need a little help here):

1)Figure out how to release and re-aquire my IP, as I am new and have literally no idea how to do this. It may work, even though the second suggestion sounds like my fix, and I want to try it.

2)I've downloaded the FAQ and firmware you mentioned (Sveasoft Alchemy) and I evidently have to install it when I get home. Note that I don't know how much this will help.

3)(This is the main one.) I need to figure out what my IP range is supposed to be, and then figure out how to reset this DHCP range from the router configuration that I've mentioned to before (as it's giving me errors). This will take some explaining, sorry if this seems a rather newbish question.

I love my SUSE 10, and I love my Linux, but when it comes to networking M$'s Windows makes things a lot simpler. ;)

Thanks in advance (I hope) for the help.
(BTW, this messageboard is wonderful. LOVE the community!)

pljvaldez 04-26-2006 05:56 PM

1) On the suse box, try rcnetwork restart (note I copied this command from a suse website, so if it doesn't work, try /etc/init.d/network restart or ifdown eth0 then ifup eth0)

2) This probably won't help the problem. But it's still cool. :D Let's you increase your wireless power 10x as well as use fwbuilder to create a custom firewall/NAT table.

3) I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by figure out what your IP range is. Basically your router works like this: it has an external IP address from your ISP and an internal IP address for your network. The internal address will be something like All other machines will receive their address via dhcp from the router and be Now if you change the DHCP range to, then you'll have to do the above to renew your IP address so that your computer will have address. Clear as mud?

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