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Jubalint 01-13-2006 05:43 PM

Suggestions for a Socks5 server.
Hi, I'm running a Fedora Core 4 server and I want to setup socks5 on it so I can use it for ssh tunneling from my laptop. I've used SSH tunneling before, so that's not a problem. However I haven't really set up a socks5 server before and I see that the original NEC version Socks server seems pretty old (and I'm wondering if that means outdated). So I'd appreciate a suggestion of a fairly simple socks5 server software to use. My needs are simply to be able to connect through a ssh tunnel to the server and use the proxy from there. Also it needs to have udp support. No one else but me (via root) will be using it. Heck, if your feeling nice enough a config of how to just set it up for localhost only with udp would be really awesome. Thanks alot for the help :).

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