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FLX 05-05-2006 03:32 AM

Struggling With Smb.conf

I have a fedora core 5 box and i'm setting up samba so users can store their own files either public or private.

here is a lil architecture i would like to have:

Linux Server (everyone can view the folders, but needs to authenticate for some)
+----[Public] - everyone can view, guests also
+----[Private] - Asks for authentication, and goes to the appropriate user folder (e.g /private/flx) with /private/%U. Example: if i login with the user "test01" the Private folder will use /private/test01/

the problem is with [Private] and the fact it already asks for authentication when i approach the server (\\server).
I cant view any of the folders before authenticating

Here is my config:

                workgroup = HOMENET
                netbios name = SERVER
                server string = Linux Server
                log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
                encrypt passwords = yes

                read only = no
                browseable = no

                comment = Public Directory
                path = /shared
                read only = no
                browseable = yes

                comment = User Directory
                path = /private/%U
                read only = no
                browseable = yes

i created flx and nobody.

Anyway, i know that its also possible in windows.
Here is another illustration.

If security = share i can view the folder index and the insides of the Public folder.
But as soon as i want to enter the Private folder i get this:
approaching: \\server\Private
The problem here is that the user field is greyed out!

When i put security = user i can't view the index folders nor the inside of the Public folder because it already asks for permission.

Can someone help me with the config?

Thanks in advance.



ALInux 05-05-2006 04:42 AM

I think you need to set the guest user.. in debian it is nobody..but that is set in global..I will send you my smb.conf when I get home i have a similar setup...and security should be set to user

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