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triXlife 04-25-2006 05:57 PM

strange nfs mounting issuse
Greetings all. OK here's my problem. I decided to start playing around with nfs and mount my 32bit and 64bit machines' harddrives together. Unfortunately I can only get one of them to work properly. What is happening is from my 32bit machine, I can mount the 64bit's harddrive, read/write to it, etc. it works fine. However with the 64bit machine, I can only mount the 32bit's harddrive and look at it. As soon as I try to write to it, it hangs there and I have to kill the command that was running (control-c doesn't even stop it). It doesn't even say that I don't have permissions to do it, it just hangs.

I have both machines set up the same in terms of kernel options, /etc/export and /etc/fstab. Has anyone experienced something similar to this before? Both are running Gentoo with 2.6.16 kernels.
Here are the kernel options I have set:

<*> NFS file system support
[*] Provide NFSv3 client support
[ ] Provide client support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension
[ ] Provide NFSv4 client support (EXPERIMENTAL)
[ ] Allow direct I/O on NFS files (EXPERIMENTAL)
<*> NFS server support
[*] Provide NFSv3 server support
[ ] Provide server support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension
[ ] Provide NFSv4 server support (EXPERIMENTAL)
[*] Provide NFS server over TCP support

Also am running nfs-utils-1.0.7-r2

Thanks a ton...

Linux.tar.gz 04-26-2006 08:26 PM

You probably have to launch rpc.portmap on each machines.

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