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MartenH 12-29-2012 02:21 PM

Strange network speeds

I'm hoping someone could help me shed some light on some interesting network speeds I just discovered.

My linux machine tells me (using that I can reach ~169Mbps download and 53 Upload. My windows machine however gives me 96 down and 95 up.

So for some reason my windows box can't get the full speed the linux box does, but on the other hand it can get almost twice the upload. I find this really odd since it is sitting nehind the linux box.

I have a setup with a linux (mandriva) machine running as the router/firewall and then a windows machine behind it (passing through a gigabit switch). Both the linux box and the windows machine have gigabit NICs and the switch is gigabit as well. ethtool reports 1000Mb/s for both NICs on the linux machine. The switch reports (by color of a LED) that there is 1000Mb/s connection to both boxes.

My ISP has told me I will be getting an upgrade to .5-1Gbps FD beginning of next year (I'm currently on 100/Mbps FD). But I wanted to check out the speed beforehand.

So, how come I get so different, and oposite, performance from my machines? And what can I do to:
A. Get the same download speed for my windows box
B. Get the same upload speed for my linux box

This really stumps me, so any suggestion is appreciated. Let me know any logs/commands you wish me to run.

Ztcoracat 01-29-2013 12:59 AM

Hi: ;)

Sorry to hear that your having unusual speeds.
I'm not sure why but running some commands will give us some clarification and we can go from there. I'm not the expert with this; BTW.
I saw that your thread was posted a while back and I will do my best to help you.

The other command if your using a usb adapter that could help would be to try running:


shivaa 01-29-2013 01:13 AM

What is your DNS setting?
And from whare and how are you downloading contents (using any download manager or mirrors or direct download)?

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