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mobassir 12-12-2003 06:26 AM

Step by Step guied for installation Lan card under Linux
These Step by step guied for Linksys manage network card model number is LNE100M. and driver file comes with card cd under drivers-->Linux folder. and i done this final and working steps under redhat linux 9.
why i install this new driver:
Actulay i install linux and it pick any via chip lan card was showing under system setting-->network-->edit-->hardware device and was not active i forceling assigned stetip ip and make it active , then it start ping it self but was not ping nay other remort computer on my network. now ist fine

mkdir /tmp
copy lne100ml.tar file in tmp folder from network driver cd under drivers-->Linux
tar xvf lne100ml.tar
cd lne100m
Compile the driver source files and it will generate lne100m.o
for compile
check kernal version with
uname -r
after compile copy lne100m.0 file in to mudules driver folder
if kernal version is 2.4.x then path is ,,
if kernal version is 2.2.x kernel, then path is ,,
make install
edit configuration file (/etc/modules.conf or /etc/conf.modules,it
depend on your Linux distribution)
for loading kernel modules. Make sure there is the following content in the
configuration file, where # is
interface number (eg: alias eth0 lne100m):
alias eth# lne100m

Reboot now:
shutdown -r now

Use ifconfig command to assign the IP address, where # is network
interface number:
ifconfig eth# <IP> Exemple: ifconfig eth0

Check the interface works: ping any remort computer
ping <remote_host_IP> Exemple: ping

Only follow these steps if you want to uninstall this driver.
Please enter the following commands to uninstall your driver:
make uninstall

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