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ZST 07-05-2006 11:31 AM

SSH tunnel help
So I just started a new job, and need to get around their FW so I can get SSH access to my colo's for reasons related to work. However, I have never had the need to do something like this. Im doing a quick google search, but figured I would ask here, does anyone know if you can tunnel SSH through 80,8080,443? I have to go through a proxy, and it seems that my department does not meet the needs to have access to the 22 proxy. Any help would be awesome.

Also i wouldn't be that opposed to having a web-based SSL possible php powered CLI interface? Im not sure of something like that is out there, but it would be nice.

Thanks in advance for your help.


acid_kewpie 07-05-2006 12:57 PM

personally i use puTTY to connect to a remote ssh service i run on port 443. most proxies don't actually care that the data makes sense, just so long as you're going to a permitted port number. so i tell puTTY to use an http proxy on port 80 to connect to a remote site on port 443, which is totally valid if you are only looking at port numbers and not trying to compare https and ssh traffic. you might also like to look at stunnel for a linux based solution (also runs on windows as a service too)

gizza23 07-05-2006 01:35 PM

Alright, I can see making a connection to your SSH server via 443 without any problems. As long as the 443 on both ends are open you have a connection. As for the tunneling I understand that is for pushing information over the SSH connection made between the client and server. Unless there are other jobs outside of the SSH connection that you need, like starting an encrypted X (graphical) connection, then an SSH connection alone over 443 will work. Tunneling isn't even a matter at that point.

puTTY is a great choice by the way.

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