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idsdown 11-22-2005 10:17 PM

SSH port forward problem
hi all,

i have a mail server in data center, for localhost user receive/send email, there is no problem. however, the user at remote site (other country) tried to received/send mail always failure, they found their network do not have any connection problem, it seems their ISP block received and send mail on my mail server in datacenter.

They have a linux box installed red hat 9 on remote site and ssh to my mail server, i want to set up a ssh port forward in the linux box, then all the client connect to linux box for receiving/sending email.
i make a passwordless login account on mail server, then run following command on linux box, but the client still can not received email.

ssh -L 1110:202.8x.23x.23x:110 idsdown@202.8x.23x.23x
ssh -L 1025:202.8x.23x.23x:25 idsdown@202.8x.23x.23x

Is there any problem on my setting? Thanks.

pk21 11-24-2005 07:58 AM

If 202.8x.23x.23x is the ip of your mailserver, then it should be correct. The connection has to stay up, so don't close it.
After you set up the ssh connection, the computer that set the connection up should be able to check his mail by connecting to localhost on port 1110. Did they connect to localhost on port 1110?

idsdown 11-25-2005 12:47 AM

yes, it work.

But i want linux box to be a gateway of port forwarding, the user can connect to mail server via the port forward on linux box, how to set up it? THX

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