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rlina50 01-29-2002 01:19 PM

SSH doesn't work anymore
I installed ssh2 on my redhat 6.2 machine and it used to work just fine.
Then I get people trying to probe my computer through my http port so I blocked their IP chains and installed portmap.
Then I tired of portmap and decided to kill it.
I'm not sure at which point my ssh configuration went awry but I realized only recently after I restarted my computer.
ssh2 started up automatically just fine and the port is open but I can't log in from other computers. Since ssh2 doesn't allow me to connect from machines with ssh1 installed, I then decided to download and install ssh1 (also hoping to solve this misconfiguration problem)
But, my problem still isn't solved and I can't even ssh from my redhat machine.
Anybody have any idea what is going on here?

p/s how do I uninstall ssh2?

tarballedtux 01-29-2002 08:57 PM


First to uninstall t you have to routes:
If you used a tarball/source install search for all references for ssh using the locate command. (locate ssh) And then delete them all if you think the file(s) belong to ssh.

If it was an rpm install then do this:
type: rpm -qa | grep ssh
to get a list of all the ssh packages in the rpm database. then type these commands:
rpm -e <packagename>

substitute packagename for all the packages that showed up after the: rpm -qa | grep ssh command

That takes care of the uninstallation.

Obtain a copy of all the openssh rpms:


replace x.x.x with a version number, currently it's up to 3.0.2 but i personally use 2.9p2.

install them like this:

rpm -i openssh.x.x.x.rpm
rpm -i openssh-server.x.x.x.rpm
rpm -i openssh-clients.x.x.x.rpm

Then you need the configuration man page to get either host-based or public key encryption working.
man sshd

Hope this helps.

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