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artman62 08-22-2002 07:04 PM

ssh and ftp
Has anyone set up ssh over ftp using a linksys router?
All the docs I found talk about using a remote and server machine for ssh . But I use my linksys router as my firewall and can't seem to find any info on routing ssh (port 22) to my ftp box or setting up high ports.


crabboy 08-22-2002 10:55 PM

How about starting the sshd to listen on the ftp port? You would have to stop the ftp service though.

Ionized 08-23-2002 01:40 PM

ssh supports tunneling, you should be able to connect via ssh on port 22 and then connect with a tunnel to port 21 (ftp). The ssh client that comes with sshd supports this as well as a lot of windows ssh clients.

mlp68 08-23-2002 11:16 PM

First, as a reply to Ionized, I don't think you can tunnel ftp because ftp uses that back-channel on port 20 for the data? If you succeeded, I'd be interested in how you did it.

I'm not quite sure what you want to accomplish, "ssh over ftp" doesn't mean much to me. I presume you want to be able to ssh in *from the outside* to your box? In the Linky setup, go to "Advanced", "Forwarding", and set port 22 to go to the IP of your "ftp box". Along the same lines, if you want to allow incoming ftp connections to connect to your box, enable port 21 to go to that IP.

That implies that your "ftp box" does not get a DHCP address from the Linksys but has a fixed IP on your LAN.

ftp (if it's not anonymous) is such an unsecure thing with the cleartext passwords. If you just (as I do once in a while) need to get at files on your home box while at work or elsewhere, consider using scp across the fully encrypted (including passwords) connection, and not enabling ftp at all.


TruckStuff 08-25-2002 05:55 PM

I believe what he is talking about is tunneling as metioned above. Most decent SSH clients can set this up pretty easily.

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