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no2nt 08-23-2001 01:19 PM

squid with load balancing (?)
Just wondering if ne1 has run across this problem or has seen documentation.

I have a squid server running on mandrake 8.0 which has one interface connected to a internal LAN (A) and two interfaces (B and C) connected to two routers on the internet. I am looking for a way to balance the traffic that will be send out on B and C. Has anyone seen this setup before or know of any documentation?

In the future it will be expanded to five outgoing lines which will be aggegated, but until then...

coder at menking dot net

no2nt 09-12-2001 09:25 AM

load balancing with lvs
I suppose I'll answer my own question :-)

It looks like (lvs) is going to do the job. It has four algorithms that are used for load balancing services on servers, but I'll attempt to use it to load balance data across several routers on the internet. If I can every get this mess working I'll post all the goodies.

Any help or direction would still be appreciated!

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