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crackyblue 07-28-2009 10:53 PM

Squid to detect workstation's ip address inside a LAN

I am using NAT on my firewall on a certain department which browse the internet using my squid outside of this firewall. I am using a filtering system on squid, managers inside this LAN must access certain sites where others should not reach. My problem is squid only sees the firewall ip address which in turn all workstations are filtered based on the firewall's ip address. Is there a way that i can manipulate my firewall not to use NAT but has the same effect to send packets without altering the ip address and since I am NAT, it eventually return to the firewall ip address.

LAN (sending ip address) ----> FIREWALL ----> (Receive workstation ip address not firewall ip address)Squid

Thank you.

fotoguy 07-29-2009 04:40 AM

No it's not possible with your current setup, you internal lan uses private A, B, or C class networks, these are not routable over the internet. Any other gateway would not know where to send the packet of data if it has a private ipaddress, so it will by default send it to it's gateway, eventually the packet will reach it's TTL value (Time-To-Live), and be discarded. The only way I think it would be possible would be to setup A VPN perhaps.

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