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bleunuit 07-30-2004 11:47 AM

spamassassin w/ procmail vs. spamassassin w/sendmail
I'm successfullly running spamassassin on my companies mail server. This machine is slow, only has 256 meg of memory, and is a p3, but its our mail server and thats just what we use.

I'm currently using procmail in conjunction with spamassassin to filter out spam mail. This is setup per user with a .procmailrc file in each user directory so each time an email message comes to a user, a spamassassin process is invoked. As you can imagine, this can put quite a load on the old crappy mailserver. My question is, if I used spamassassin in conjunction with sendmail, as opposed to procmail, would it be less intesive for the machine, or wouldn't it matter?


stoffell 08-01-2004 08:12 AM

hi there,

I recommend, besides using sa, also having a look at the way you could implement dspam. It's a magnificent anti-spam filter and it has some great features you just might want to have a look at.

Besides that, it's also very fast so in my opinion it might even be an advantage..

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