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Randvegeta 09-21-2005 05:58 PM

Hi. Im behind a pretty restrictive firewall. Most of the ports are closed but I do have 22. I know I can tunnel using my server but its a real hassle adding each individual server and port to the list and I rather get it all done manualy.

Ive been fiddling with Proxies. I recently tried messing arround with Squid and with no hassle at all I got that to work great over SSH. But of course it doesnt work so great on things like, P2P programs like E-Mule.

I though SOCKS5 would be GREAT for the job and found the following site to help me set it up. Heres the site:

Well I went to and cant find the file or a later version.

I was wandering if anyone could help me with this? Does anyone have that file? does anyone know where to download it. If not, does anyone have another solution?

Thanks in advance.

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