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Agent007 01-26-2004 12:12 PM

Socket Application: Connection refused
Hi all,

I have developed a server/client application using sockets. server app runs on windows server whereas the client app runs on linux server.

I tested both programs on win/linux test machines respectivly. They work fine and can send messages to each other.

The problem is that, today I tested the client program on another linux server and I get "Connection refused" in connect(). (the program was developed in C if that matters)

the only differences between test and production machine network configuration is that: the production machine sits on token ring network and the test in on ethernet (of course we have another linux routers that routes connection from token ring to ethernet)
the windows machine sits on token ring (same network as the test machine)

1. I can ping both machines from windows and linux production server by name and IP.
2. I checked with my net admin. the specificed port that I'm connecting from/to is opened.

can anybody help me ??

Agent007 01-27-2004 01:48 AM

updated info:
i just tested the app on two machines on the same network with the specificed firewall and it works

so could the problem be that the two machines are on different networks ??

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