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chuckecheese 01-07-2013 02:34 PM

Sniffing AT Commands over COM port redirector
So I have this project I'm looking to do. I'd like to monitor the AT Commands sent to a phone while running a PST like CDMA Workshop, QPST, DFS CDMA Tool, etc.

I would like to learn what commands are sent while using the program. My goal would be to learn proprietary modem commands to manually flash phones, and maybe write my own PST.

I'm still undecided on how to go about this. Currently I'm considering redirecting the serial port over TCP and sniffing the packets. I'm not sure if this would be practical. I would run Windows in a virtual machine on Linux or Mac OSX and use com2tcp and ser2net.

Alternatively, I'd like to know if I can fork the virtual serial connection to echo the AT Commands sent, so I can avoid sniffing packets.

Or is a COM port redirector even necessary? I tried API Monitor and couldn't figure it out.

A tutorial would be nice, but a simple general overview would be appreciated.

Thanks, and Mahalo!

theNbomr 01-07-2013 04:44 PM

Not quite a software-only system, but have a look at serlook

--- rod

chuckecheese 01-07-2013 04:53 PM

THANKYOU!!!! This definitely looks like what I want. I'll chime back in with the results at a later date. Marking this [SOLVED].

chuckecheese 02-05-2013 11:10 PM

Alright, success! I used socat and com2tcp on two boxes (vms), Windows and Debian.

I'm actually doing this on a mac (Mountain Lion 10.8.2). On the mac I'm running two guest operating systems with VirtualBox, Windows XP and Debian. The phone (sch-u460) is plugged in and hooked to the Windows guest. It shows as COM7 in Device Manager.

COM2TCP and TCP2COM are both open on my Windows guest, ready to connect. COM2TCP is pointing to my Debian guest, port 6666, and creates a COM10 port. TCP2COM is hooked to COM7 (my phone) and listening on port 5555.

On my Debian guest, I type:

socat -x -v tcp-l:6666 tcp: being my Windows host. Then I connect to CDMA Workshop on COM10 and walah! Socat dumps the communication in hex and ascii.

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