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theGerbil 09-02-2006 04:52 PM

SMB conflict with Zeroconf / Avahi in Kubuntu 6.06
I recently lost the ability to browse my Windows PC's via SMB and also the ability to print using SMB to a Windows PC with USB printer attached.

After many, many lost hours I figured out this probably had something to do with Zerconf / Avahi. (The clue was in various people having issues with a 169. Ip address).

After much trial and error I found that if I purged the Avahi daemon installation I could browse as far as a Windows share on another PC but timed-out at the file system level.

Purging the Zeroconf installation allows me to browse at the File system level and print as well.

The have performed various de & re installs but can no longer make Zeroconf / Avahi co-exist happily with SMB.

This used to work ......... perhaps it broke in an upgrade? I can't be sure.

Can anybody give me any clue on how to make these live happily together?

Thanks all

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