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rpdillon 03-08-2005 12:22 PM

Slow web server response for net IP, fast for
Googled around quite a bit on this one, but no luck so far.

I'm installing a wiki (MoinMoin) on a Red Hat 9 server, and all has gone well, so far. I tested the install locally by visiting and it was working correctly, and had good response time.

Then I connected (again locally), but used its network IP address, and suddenly the response time was awful. The pages eventually come up, but it takes 15-30 seconds on a LAN connection.

I've checked my iptables and routing tables, and everything looks fine. All other services are snappy. I've run the same site on both Apache and Twisted (a python webserver), and I experience the same delays when accessing using the network IP, and they are both fast when using localhost or

I was running python 2.2 (Red Hat 9 default), but upgraded to python 2.3 thinking that was the problem. Same results after restarting the server.

I'm thinking it's a timeout of some kind inside the MoinMoin script, but it hasn't been reported anywhere I can find, so I'm thinking it's a problem caused by a misconfiguration somewhere.

The log files are reporting that pages are served, but aren't providing any details on whatever is holding up the server.

Any ideas?

Technoslave 03-09-2005 09:43 AM

First thing I would check is DNS. Set up your logging in your webserver to no do LookUps.

Other DNS tricks, in your nsswitch.conf file, make sure that it looks up IP -> DNS name in files first, followed by DNS. Then in your /etc/hosts, make sure you have the name of the computer that you call the page by as well as it's corresponding IP.

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