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RoaCh Of DisCor 03-29-2005 06:20 PM

Slight problem with modem/router (Westell 327W)
Hi. I have tried many different distros in the past, and this modem/router only seems to play nicely with a few. On fedora, this is configured right off and works flawlessly. Except, I really don't like fedora...and the package management drives me crazy. Mandrake the modem seems to work well as well. I switched to suse's nice...I really prefer it now. It did set up my network stuff...and the internet works, but, I still have a problem (same problem I have with many other distros).

When booting up my computer...the modem resets and takes about 5 -10 mins to start working. I don't know why. It's like...the bootup goes through fine, kde starts..I try to browse and it won't work. I wait a few minutes, my lights turn red on the reboots...when all the lights are back on and green, my internet works.

It does this at each reboot.

Although this isn't a big problem, because it works afterwards, it's still annoying. Would anyone else know why it does this with some distros, and not others? Fedora it works fine, yet suse I have this problem. Same with a few other distros. Some work, some don't.

Help apreciated, and if anyone else uses this modem, give me some tips!

Thanks :)


RoaCh Of DisCor 03-30-2005 04:08 PM

edit..accidental post.

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